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Hydrostress WSE2226 Wall Saw System

Quick Mount
  • Quick mounting blade flanges make easy removal of blade
  • Up to 40” maximum starter blade without being in the cut
Feed with Worm Drive System
  • Self-locking - no brake necessary
  • Improved seals
  • Less exposed parts than horizontal feed motors
2 Handles
  • Quick disconnect with 2 handles for fast removal and set up
2-stage gear box
  • Largest ø range in the industry ( ø 32” to 86”)
  • Safety clutch in front of gear box for better protection
  • Engage switch in case of blade jams
Powered by P2® Technology
  • Integrated permanent magnets
  • Reduced motor rpms for reliability
  • High level of efficiency cutting performance
WSE2226 Parts List

Complete wall saw cart assembly and control unit

Catalog #Part #Description
46473 5801534 WSE2226 High Cycle Wall Saw System Complete
42997 3401213 Wall saw cart
67407 3402053 Flat aluminum foot for Hydrostress track
67409 3402051 Aluminum/Steel track 43"
67408 3402050 Aluminum/Steel track 86"
12689 3401218 Hydrostress wall saw tool kit
30573 3402553 48" all-in-one blade guard for Hydrostress wall saw