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Why Shouldn't I Buy A Cheap Diamond Tool?
When It Comes To Diamonds For Concrete Cutting...

You Get What You Pay For!

High Quality Synthetic Diamonds

  • Strongest crystals
  • Lasts longer
  • Withstands high temperatures                    
  • Octahedral shape for increased tool life and faster cutting
  • High impact strength against steel and hard aggregate

Medium Quality Synthetic Diamonds

  • Good crystal strength & shape
  • Good for sawing and  drilling applications
  • Good cutting speed
  • Handles moderate steel and hard aggregate applications  

Low Quality Synthetic Diamonds

  • Weaker crystals with highly irregular shape
  • Shorter life & lower cutting rates
  • Lower thermal stability
  • Do not handle steel and hard aggregates well
  • Jagged points that break causing faster wear, lower cutting and drilling performance
  • Widely used in low priced dry products