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• Diamond Products is currently 75% recyclable.

• All grinding, dust and wet sludge is captured and picked up by a recycling company and turned into ingots where it is used in foundry applications.

• All shipping pallets are reused when possible or hauled away to be made into mulch.

• Fluorescent light bulbs and batteries are picked up and recycled.

•Coolants used are people-safe and environmentally friendly also recycled by running through filters and used again.

•Diamond Products is working with it's parent company, Tyrolit, on an excellence in manufacturing program.  This program examines all procedures including safety, costs, quality and environmental responsibilities.

•A program called RightFax is being used to supplement regular faxing which saves paper and toner.  This program allows its user to fax directly from a computer to a fax machine.

• Company literature is converted into digital files where it can be emailed and downloaded on the company website - saving paper and ink.

• Toner that is used in company offices is gathered and sent to a recycle facility.

• Literature that does make it to print is printed by companies certified by the Forest Stewardship Council who uses recycled paper.  For more information on the FSC - Click Here.

• Monthly email updates are sent to customers with email addresses instead of printed mail.  If you would would like to recieve these monthly updates, Click Here to send an E-Mail to the Marketing Department.

Diamond Products is always looking for ways to enhance these efforts - Please check back for future updates.